Module 4: Curation

Rotation Station 5

In my 6th grade class, we’ve been studying eleven contributions from Ancient Greece on the modern era. Throughout the project, students study the contributions by researching and taking Cornell Notes from each informational text. On the left margin, they create test questions for themselves to study.

One of the greatest challenges of teaching researching skills to students, is how to critically assess the resources they find on the internet. For this assignment, each student will create a 3 resource e-link for the contribution of their choice. Each resource; however, must meet the required criteria for a reliable source. Once the sources are collected, they must then rank them from one to three, and then explain in detail why they selected their #1 choice as the best. Next, students will write 3 test questions from their #1 source.

The next step of the project will require them to use one another’s e-links to learn about a different contribution, and find the answers to the questions that were created.  The culminating project will be for each team to create a board game using all of the questions from their learning about Ancient Greece. We will have the games set up during our Open House in April, so parents and siblings can play the games as well!

Here is an example using e-link as required by this project; however, since my students are not yet of age to use the application, they will be using Thinglink to accomplish the same goals.

Curation Application

There were so many incredible ideas to use curation as both a student and an educator. I would like to teach my colleagues about e-Link and ThingLink as a way to collaborate and collect resources for our Inquiry Based Learning Projects. We are already planning for next year and this would allow us to work together, as well as keep all of our resources in one place!

e-Link: Contributions of Ancient Greece



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