Module 7: Digital Assessment


I created the following formative assessment as a means to check understanding for the class novel we were reading. What the students didn’t know is that the plot of the book returns back to the foundational settings and characters from these first few chapters. It is imperative that they have a surface meaning of these chapters so they have the deeper level understanding at the end of the book. This fact makes an excellent way to also teach denouement! (which can be tricky!)

During this time, I have taught the students about the plot diagram and I use the information from these first few chapters as a way to have them discuss each plot element. At this point in the novel, we are talking about characters, settings, and the tools an author uses to make these elements come alive.


 Alternate Uses of thisAssessment

Another way that I’ve used Google Forms is by having students create their own quizzes. My students create their own summative quizzes for a unit on Egypt. This process is very challenging as they must create a multiple choice test with the correct answer, a silly choice, a wrong choice, and a tricky choice. Their favorite part of the process is having their best friend/partner take their tests! It provides for POWERFUL learning!!!

Other Assessment Tools to Try

I just created an account for Go Formative and found an already made quick quiz on ‘Theme’. I made a folder for READING, and filed this quiz within it.¬† I’m interested in first using this tool with my next class as an Exit Ticket. There are so many create ways that teachers use Exit Tickets; however, this is the first digital option I’ve seen that’s quick to create, share, and analyze the results immediately! I’m excited!

I’m also interested in Gradecam or Plickers. I’d like to find some teacher created tutorials on YouTube for each tool, and then decide which of the two would work best for me.

One of my FAVORITE forms of assessment is Quizizz. My students prefer this to Kahoot because they can work at their own pace. They can still ‘compete’ with one another; however, there isn’t a stress about a timer looming over them. One warning! Sometimes when they move their mouse/curser over the answers as they read them, the program inadvertently selects an answer they didn’t click. I’ve taught my students to keep their curser on the upper half of the page until they are ready to select their answer choice.


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