Module 8: HyperDocs

Using HyperDocs

This HyperDoc is the beginning of a larger unit on all aspects of the Google Suite for Education. Our students are coming up to middle school from 5th grade, and while some students from one feeder school are familiar with computer use, the majority of our students do not have access to a device.  We are very lucky that each student is checked out a Chromebook with all of their textbooks for the year.

It was agreed upon as a school that one of the responsibilities of the 6th grade team (13 of us) would be to have all students master all apps that we use daily as a 21st Century school. This HyperDoc slideshow will be used at the beginning of the year as a way to introduce students to Google basics.

HyperDocs in general will continue be a mainstay in our blended classrooms. Two days a week we have rotation stations where HyperDocs are used as a method to preteach/introduce topics, practice skills previously taught, and assess skills they’ve mastered. Using HyperDocs with these stations enables us the ‘freedom’ to run a small group for differentiation, or pull individual students for support or directions for challenging next steps.

Google Classroom and Docs HyperDoc:

The HyperDoc pictured and linked below will be used the second week of school when students receive their devices. It’s chuck full of the basic introduction of different apps in the Google Suite for Education.

Slide 1 is an introductory title page

Slide 2 includes clear directions for using the Slides presentation

Slides 1,2, and 3 will be demonstrated and introduced as a whole group. Slide 3 includes a link to Google Chrome which is the web browser used at school. I will have assistance in the room to help students after explanations are made.

Slide 4 includes directions for making their first ‘copy’ of a document, as well as how to label the title appropriately. It includes a link to a private log-in cheat sheet if you will. The students will fill in their new e-mail and passwords that they will need to use until they are memorized.

Slide 5 includes 2 short videos made by Google as a promotional tool. I chose them as they were professionally made, visual, short, and engaging. It also has a link to an outside website with an excellent article explaining Google Classroom and it’s features. I like this resource as it is a perfect blend of textual information, colorful graphics, Frequently Asked Questions, and more tutorial videos. This slide also offers student choice of learning materials, as well as self-pacing, and permission to skip the slide entirely if not needed.

Slide 6 has a close-up picture of what’s being discussed, and a Screencastify tutorial I created to walk them through the process of getting apps organized and opening Google Classroom. In the tutorial, students are asked to pause the video, open a new tab and begin organizing and enrolling in their own Classrooms. Finally it includes all of the codes needed to enroll in their prospective Classrooms.

Slides 7 and 10 are opportunities to begin building the learning community in our class. It includes directions to offer help to their neighbor, then anyone within their seated team of 4 students. As a way to differentiate, when all students are enrolled and/or don’t need any help they can show one another what they’ve accomplished, and download the Google Classroom and Drive apps on their phones if appropriate.

Slide 8 again has 2 short professionally made videos I again chose as they were professionally made, visual, short, and engaging. The last video is a little longer and a complete tour through Google Drive. **Google Drive Basics: 3-Course Bundle was purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers. It’s created from one of my favorite teacher teachers, Jennifer Gonzales at Cult of Pedagogy. (not just a plug.. but I really do love her.. hence taking this class!)

**NOTE** A formal request has been submitted to our Parent Faculty Club for additional licenses to use Google Drive Basics with our grade-level. If this proposal is not approved, an alternate video will replace this one.

Slide 9 includes another Screencastify demonstration on how to create and color code their folders, as is a color code system used by our entire school. Finally it has a second step for students to actively engage and begin creating their own files.

Lastly.. Slide 10 includes a Google Forms quiz of basic skills and information I needed to emphasize and assess their individual learning. The directions say, “Immediately after the quiz, you will see how many you got correct.If you got any wrong, come back to this slideshow and review anything that you need to. Next, go back to the quiz and make corrections until you earn 100%. I made sure the settings included an immediate release of scores as well as a link to turn in another form.


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