Module 9: QR Codes

The Best Use of QR Codes in My 6th Grade Class

I love the idea of using QR codes to keep student engagement in a digital classroom. Currently, I use rotation stations each Thursday and Friday. As the students rotate, QR codes could be used either to a set of directions, or links needed.. or both!

Welcome Back to School! A walk around our room:

I created a fun way to get the kids up and moving to introduce the physical room, as well as some basic procedures. In the past, this information was given lecture style. I’ll divide the class up into 4 groups and send them each to a poster around the room. At each location, they will find a poster (see below) with a QR code. One student per team will have permission to use their phones for this activity. (Our school policy is off at 8:00 – on at 3:00 or confiscated and taken to the office)

In order to encourage reading ALL the directions, I’ve included a little fact about me in two of the stations. At the end of the activity, I’ll do a fun quick check about what they learned. There will be a special reward for those students who can answer each little fact about me. Every once in a while, I like to throw Smartie’s AT the students who are being “Smartie Pants’ ” (I have my TA unwrap Smarties so I have a coffee mug full of tiny individual candies, not a whole roll!)

STUDENT CENTER: I’m always flabbergasted when a student in MARCH asks to borrow some scotch tape from me for an activity… WHEN THERE HAS BEEN TAPE ALL YEAR IN THE STUDENT CENTER! ARGH!!!!! So I am really excited about this one. Student directions will pop up once the students scan the QR code that ask them to point to each resource! OMG! Brilliant! This will be a wonderful way to prevent these type of questions from being asked after the first few weeks of school. Well, actually… there will always be that ONE who will keep life interesting and ask anyway! he ehhehehe

CLASS RULES: I will still spend time reviewing our poster of class rules with them; however, using this QR code will be a great way to make sure they have access to our rules at all times. At some point, they will each be asked to scan and then save our class rules. I refer back to this poster constantly, and it will make a fun homework assignment early in August to ask specific questions about our rules.

CLASS NORMS: This QR code links to YouTube where I’ve created a video using MySimpleShow about our class norms which go deeper than a list of rules. I created it a few years ago and have had great feedback, although I can’t stand the audio! A homework assignment early in the year will be to show their parents this video! I always plan to show it at Back to School night, and never have time!

CLASS LIBRARY: I created an introduction to our class library check in/out management system, Booksource Classroom, using Screencastify, and then posting on YouTube. I love this resource so much, I purchased the PRO version. This is a very simple introduction, but I think will be just enough for a snapshot as well as a great resource for me when I get a new student!

QR Codes – A Tour Around Our Class:



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