Module 10: Basic Podcasting

Podcasting/Audio Files

I have to share first off that the Online Voice Recorder has had an update since Jennifer recorded her lesson for us! It literally saved my audio files immediately! This fact had an impact as I believe my students would be more likely to enjoy and use this site if it didn’t take too long.

My principal just retweeted some research into teacher feedback. (see below). I’ve always been an advocate and proponent of giving immediate, constructive, and specific feedback as it’s had a direct impact on my students’ learning every year.  I think using this voice recording MP3 tool would be an effective and efficient use of my time while I am grading. Since the online voice recorder update, I can also see how easy it will be for students to attach a short audio recording in our management system dropbox and/or Google Classroom as a way for both formative and summative assessment.

Aside from 6th grade English language arts and social studies, I’ll also have one section of his year I will be teaching one section of English Language Development. The potential power of using this voice recording as a tool seems limitless with language learners! I can demonstrate pronunciation of vocabulary words, and students can listen as many times as needed. I also think students will be more likely to use this tool for assessment purposes since they will be able to practice, record and submit a final audio file for me. They can do all of this privately and I see this as being a huge benefit, and a way to overcome being so shy when it comes to practicing speaking!

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