Module 1: Basic Blogging

Greatest Tech Challenges

By far my greatest tech challenge is that I want to try EVERYTHING I learn.. right now! I jump in, share with my students, and end up confusing/overwhelming them and myself. An adventurer by heart, this impulse to incorporate all the cool tools, sites, and apps is both a strength and a weakness.

Jump in strength: I’m not afraid to try, and this is something I teach both my students and my children (and grandchildren! I’m a new *Tutu!!) . Live in love.. not fear! Sometimes tools resonate and stick, and my passion is contagious with the kids and my colleagues. The best part of learning something new is SHARING with others!

Jump in challenge: Argh.. my poor students. I can overwhelm them with my enthusiasm, and if the tech flavor of the day doesn’t fit us, I’ve wasted our precious learning minutes by teaching them about something never to be used again. When there’s frustration, there isn’t as much learning. Fail.

Relevant Reasons

Why learn more about technology? Do I HAVE to choose?

  • Time saving/ efficiency
  • collaboration
  • differentiating instruction for my students..
    • content
    • processing
    • product
  • creating independent learners
  • developing 21st century skills
  • increasing student engagement
  • giving power to the people

Ok, if I have to choose one I would say.. creating efficient, collaborative, independent, powerful learners who will live in a world that is beyond our imagination. One of my strongest drives for discovering more about technology and how to use it as a tool to support learning, is both for my children and my students.

I feel a strong desire to prepare them for jobs that have yet to be created, for a world that is run digitally, with AI, and automation. How will they earn a living? How will they be able to stay at the forefront and make changes for the better in their communities?

Yes. If I had to choose one reason to continue to learn about technology, it would be to prepare my children for a future they find fulfilling.

Blogging in MY Classroom

I would like to create content blogs where my students could document their learning. Giving them a wider audience, therefore, an authentic reason to challenge themselves, would inspire them to make growth and progress. I also believe it would be so beneficial for them to go back and study the information, as well as provide an opportunity for self-reflection as they grow both in written expression and content knowledge.

Module One.. **pau!

*  tutu, (pronounced too-too) is Hawaiian for grandma

**pau, (pronounced pow) is Hawaiian for ‘all done’




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