Module 3: Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping in the Classroom

The obvious use for digital mind mapping in the classroom is for the prewrite of the Writing Process. The use of a graphic organizer to help students pull together their thoughts into a cohesive and logical outline for their writing is a powerful strategy. This would work for both narrative and expository writing.

Student created mind maps could also be used as a visual way to summarize and organize expository text. Each sub-topic could include a link with more detailed information.

Research projects could be organized visually using a mind map, with the research sources linked to the topics.

Mind mapping could also be an excellent way to study information for assessments. Students could then demonstrate their learning, by sharing their map and explaining their graphic as well as their decision making process. This Sketchboard could be used as a presentation tool to help reinforce the idea that simple icons and texts are used to focus the audience’s attention, but the information should be shared and not written down. No one likes a presentation with paragraphs of tiny-tiny text!


The Legacy of Greece Mind Map

In sixth grade we have a unit on Ancient Greece that includes 11 different ways that Greece has contributed to our modern day life. There is a great deal of information, and helping students stay organized and attack the text in smaller ‘chunks’ is one of our constant goals.

The mind map below would be a great way to learn each contribution one at a time, and added to the map as they go. After each addition, a review of all the previous topics of information would reinforce the learning, and not just the memorizing information.

Students would be required to create links from each topic, which demonstrate their understanding. Our culminating project has always been to create a board game to teach others about the many contributions of Ancient Greece. This colorful mind map could then be used as a cover.. or inside theme of the game board!


Click here or on the map to see it live on Sketchboard!

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